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Property Mentorship

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The Property Mentors guides Members step by step through the process of investing in Australian residential property.

Our team of investment experts work together, helping motivated investors to develop a clear, actionable and individually tailored property investment plan. Property strategists work with you one on one to educate and guide you through your investment journey from start to finish, introducing you to off market opportunities that aren’t available on the open market. As a Member of The Property Mentors you will have all of the assistance you need to safely build your property portfolio and achieve long term financial success.

Property Investment

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The Property Mentors helps Members to build long term wealth through Australian residential property.

We help savvy investors identify how much money they have to invest, understand their borrowing capacity and intelligently manage living expenses to ensure they are financially ready to build a property portfolio, step by step. Your Property Mentor and investment specialist will guide you through the process of how and where to wisely invest so that you can achieve your desired lifestyle. You will have easy, ongoing access to independent accountants, mortgage brokers, financial planners, solicitors and financial advisors to step you through the process of securing property and safely achieving your goals.

Property Management

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The Property Mentors boutique property management service specialises in managing residential properties in the greater Melbourne area.

Our highly experienced team provides landlords and rental providers with all of the expected property management services - matching the right tenants to your property, taking care of day to day administration and freeing you from routine inspections and maintenance checks. However, unlike most agencies, while we help you to maximise returns and deliver results now, our premium service is designed to protect your property portfolio and make asset management and your financial security easy and achievable along the way. After all, we’re investors too and our goal is to ensure your asset is performing at its best.