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The Property Mentors team brings together a wealth of knowledge and experience to help you with everything related to property investment

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Luke Harris


Luke has an extraordinary depth and breadth of experience in business, property and investing. With big dreams, persistence and a can-do attitude, Luke’s ambition is to help members to grow significant wealth through property, so they can go on to successfully fulfil their own dreams and ambitions.

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Malika Kingwell

Senior Property Mentor

Having worked in the property industry in the UK and across Australia, within both sales and marketing teams, Malika is a consummate professional, well equipped to assist the team with delivering outstanding results to members. Detail driven, Malika consistently delivers a high level of organisation and efficiency, while her outgoing and friendly demeanour makes her an integral member of the team.

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Robert Pasqualini

Senior Property Mentor

Thoughtful, diligent and conscientious, Robert is a considered and well-rounded business professional. With a passion for architecture and real estate, he also has an enviable knowledge of the property industry, from developments and subdivisions to off-the-plan and property investing. Robert brings this wealth of experience to The Property Mentors, helping members to work towards their retirement goals and grow wealth through property.

Property Mentors


Property Mentor

In his role as a dedicated property mentor, Matt takes the time to thoroughly understand unique individual objectives, providing the opportunity for visions to become reality and helping members to achieve their own unique goals. With Matt’s support and The Property Mentor’s proven roadmap to success, members will be well on the path towards building long-term wealth through Australian Property.

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Jen Garay

Property Mentor

From the Philippines to the United States, then on to Melbourne, Jen brings a world class set of skills to The Property Mentors! With a focus on consultancy honed in the financial services industry, Jen’s personal initiative, dedicated approach and finely tuned work ethic guarantees she will be able to deliver a first class service to our members.

Property Mentors

Brad Davis

Customer Success Manager

With a history as a personal trainer, Brad is the perfect person to coach members towards reaching their goals (property related or otherwise)! Tasked with ensuring each and every one of our clients leverage their full potential, Brad’s relationship-focused approach is set to maximise results and help members develop the right skills, mindset and knowledge to grow their property portfolio.


Renee Whitehouse

Director of property management

Renee is a well-established leader in the property management sector. An expert in managing client and tenant relationships, and with a comprehensive understanding of tenancy legislation, Renee’s friendly approach enables her to generate strong, consistent results for our valued members.

Property Mentors

Rachel Smith

Assistant Property Manager

Responsible for overseeing real estate properties and tending to the needs of tenants, Rachel’s outgoing and friendly demeanour sees her well equipped to assist the wider property management team to deliver outstanding results to property owners.

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Mandy Gray

Group Marketing Director

With a breadth of experience successfully spanning financial services, IT and the commercial and residential property sectors, Mandy brings her practical and hands on approach to the entire team at The Property Mentors, helping them to guide members towards meeting their goals and aspirations.

Property Mentors

Aaron Best

Digital Marketing Manager

With a pragmatic, solution focused approach, Aaron is an agile, adaptable and efficient team member, getting the job done for The Property Mentors and our clients alike. His passion for everything digital, combined with his dedicated approach to work, sees Aaron well placed to help realise efficiencies and practical solutions for our members through technology.

Property Mentors

Elena Gandini | CPA

Company Accountant

An expert in providing insights and analysis across all operational and financial levels at The Property Mentors, Elena’s specialist industry knowledge feeds into every aspect of financial reporting, payroll, bookkeeping and forecasting, along with overseeing accounting procedures to ensure strict compliance with regulations.

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CHO (Chief Happiness Officer)

With little legs but a very big heart, Jackson is in charge of keeping the whole team happy. His duties include meeting and greeting customers, assisting the office to go paperless, keeping cables tidy and floor spaces clear, ensuring shoes are sparkling clean and being an all-round good boy. Small in stature and with huge ideas, Jackson is going places, fast!

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