The Property Mentors Membership

The Property Mentors main focus is acquiring more property and growing our members' wealth, as well as our own, through advanced property strategies not commonly available to individual investors.

There are three main reasons our members are able to invest smarter and get better results.

Personalised access to Property Education and Mentoring

In all forms of investing, money will generally flow from those who are uneducated to those who are highly educated. With the increase in TV shows promoting easy riches from property, now more than ever, it pays to gain a deeper understanding of the property market.

Let’s face it property investing can be a minefield, and given that property is often the largest investment most people will make in their lives, it pays to get it right. Successful property investing is a skill that, while not generally taught, can be learnt.

Imagine having your own Property Mentor who is also an investor, not some academic theorist, but one with a degree in ‘real estate results’. Our Property Mentors have already built large and successful portfolios themselves as well as for hundreds of clients. With Membership you will have access to our educational platform of live events, webinars, one-on-one mentoring and video tutorials. We will also keep you informed with our regular property market updates, reviews and investments.

Exclusive Access to Members Only Property Based Opportunities

Unlike many other property educators, our main focus is on buying property and growing our members wealth, as well as our own, through specific strategies not usually available to individual investors. We work on the principal that by working together we can all get access to better deals!

As a bulk-buying group we are able to negotiate great pricing, high-value inclusions, excellent purchase terms and many more practical advantages that can make a huge difference to the profitability of every property deal.

Unrestricted access to our team of Property Professionals

Property investing is not an individual sport. In order to be able to strategically structure, acquire and grow a sustainable property portfolio you need the help of quality advisors.

We provide our members with access to a whole team of property savvy professionals. It is their job to help to make your journey as safe and as predictable as possible. As a member we will introduce you to our own team of hand picked accountants, mortgage brokers, solicitors, conveyancers, property managers and other property related professionals.

Alternatively, you can continue to use your own professionals, and we can teach you how to make sure they are working as hard as possible for you.

"Membership with The Property Mentors can set you on the path to creating your own multi-million dollar property portfolio generating a passive income for life."

Exclusive Property Opportunities Just for Members

Time poor but want to become asset and cash-flow rich?

The Property Sourcing service offered by The Property Mentors could be just what the doctor ordered.

Outsourcing is gaining popularity as more and more people embrace the leverage that outsourcing can provide. You are probably already outsourcing various tasks in your life that you either don’t have the skills, time or desire to do yourself. From having a mechanic repair your car to hiring a cleaner to help keep the house spick and span, these are all examples of how outsourcing can make your life better.

Membership with The Property Mentors means you can cash in on our bulk buying power and gain exclusive access to property deals not commonly available to the individual investor.

As a part of your membership you will have access to the exact same deals that we do for ourselves. Given that we are full time investors, out in the field finding and creating property based opportunities constantly, it is probably in your best interests to tag along for the ride! You will gain access to all the benefits while letting us do the bulk of the leg work for you. Qualified members may also be invited to co-invest with us, on certain projects, via our Armchair Developing™, Become The Lender™, Wholesale Property Trusts™ or strategic joint venture opportunities.

Each property is selected based on strict due diligence criteria and in keeping with your own individual property strategy. Then we will hand all the fruits of our labour over to you for your final approval.

If you want maximum results, without needing to do all the hard work yourself, then Membership may be perfect for you!

"Property investment is merely a vehicle to help you generate wealth. This wealth is the fuel that enables you to have the lifestyle you desire. Imagine having the choice to do what you like, wherever you like, as often as you like ..."

Open The Door To A Whole World Of New Opportunities…

Would you like to continue to grow your wealth using property as a vehicle but without having to rely on the banks to lend you more money?

You may know that high-net worth individuals (HNWI’s) around the world are often treated differently to other investors.

In the finance world Private Bankers exist to cater for HNWI’s every banking need. HNWI's will often get access to more sophisticated investment strategies, higher returns and often cheaper pricing than their less affluent counterparts.

So whilst we work with a lot of sophisticated investors, which are defined as having a certifiable gross income of $250,000 or more in each of the previous two years, or have net assets of at least $2.5 million, we also work with investors who aren’t at that level yet, but don’t want to be disadvantaged when it comes to getting access to the best investment opportunities.

In property, it is very often the case that who you know, as well as what you know, can make all the difference to your investment results.

Do you want to know how to secure property with minimal money down and delayed settlements for years whilst still gaining all the benefits of the capital growth? Let us show you how.

Even in these low interest rate environments our members are regularly achieving cash flow returns of between 8% p.a to 16% p.a using our unique mortgage-backed Become The Lender™ system...

Looking for even bigger returns?

Perhaps you should consider our Armchair Developing™ module. Learn how to access developer like profits, all from the comfort of your own lounge room. It doesn’t matter if you can’t read a plan, or even lift a hammer, Armchair Developing™ can provide qualified investors with the opportunity to benefit from the profits available to property development, without taking on all the same risks.

Have the banks said, "No"? Would you like to continue to grow your wealth using property as a vehicle but without having to rely on the banks to lend you any more money?

Well the Wholesale Property Trust™ was established to secure high quality property based investments capable of delivering strong capital growth and healthy yields without the need for any of our members to have to take on any further personal debt.

So whether you have been told you are too old, or too young, or self employed, or any other reason why the banks might not want to know you, it may still be possible to get on, or up, the property ladder with the right strategy and support.

"Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. It will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of all those around you ..."